We are the premier multi-specialty medical group in Houston, Texas providing our patients with personalized and comprehensive medical care.



We focus on modern health solutions and technology so we can provide efficient care and consistent communication with you and your family.

Remix Medical provides an integrated network of healthcare providers, services, and facilities to help facilitate patient care in all health care settings.


Remix Medical is the premier multi-specialty medical group in Houston, TX, providing personalized and comprehensive health care in any setting.  Efficient and personalized, your overall health and well-being is our only focus. 

Physicians who are part of Remix Medical, care for patients with chronic disease – and all aspects medical and social that are associated with our health.

Our primary goal is to provide patients with up-to-date medical care in all environments: from hospital to home.

Our main location is located at:

1724 Richmond Avenue

Houston, TX 77098