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If you’re in kidney failure, you may be considering a kidney transplant. The nephrology experts at Remix Medical in Houston can assist in the process, from evaluating you and your donor, transplantation of the organ, and maintenance following your surgery. To learn more about kidney transplantation, call the office or schedule a consultation online.

Kidney Transplant Q & A

What is a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure that replaces your failed kidney with a healthy donor kidney. If you’re in kidney failure and on dialysis, you may be considering a kidney transplant to free you from your medical treatment and give you more leeway with your diet.

Who is a good candidate for a kidney transplant?

People of all ages who are in kidney failure can be a good candidate for a kidney transplant, provided they’re in good health to undergo the surgery and free from cancer and infection.

Your nephrologist at Remix Medical conducts a thorough examination, including a physical and psychosocial exam, before recommending a kidney transplant. If the results of your exam indicate you’re a good candidate, your name goes on the transplant list.

Remix Medical also provides evaluations for multi-organ transplantation.

Where does the kidney come from?

Healthy kidneys for transplantation come from either a living donor or a cadaver. To find a donor kidney, you must first undergo testing to determine your blood and tissue type. Your body would reject a kidney that doesn’t match in blood and tissue type.

Living donor

Getting a kidney from a living donor may shorten the amount of time you need to wait for a kidney, as it can come from a relative, friend, or spouse. The nephrology experts at Remix Medical can evaluate any potential living kidney donor to help you find a match.

Cadaveric donor

A cadaveric donor kidney comes from a person who’s recently died and matches your blood and tissue type. Most kidney transplants come from cadaveric donors.

What happens after the kidney transplant?

Kidney transplantation is major surgery, and you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days following the procedure. It can also take a few days for your new kidney to start working. To prevent your body from rejecting the kidney, you need to take anti-rejection medication for the rest of your life.

Your nephrologist at Remix Medical will follow up with you regularly to monitor you and your new kidney.

To learn more about kidney transplants, call Remix Medical or schedule an appointment using the online booking button